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Visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy

Visa Appointment at the U.S. Embassy

Although the NVC instructions will give you the address of the embassy, the date and time of your interview, you need to be prepared. If you have never been to that embassy, take a trip a couple of days before and visit the embassy.

Arrive at least an hour before your Visa Appointment

Most embassies are in capital cities. You may have to deal with traffic at certain hours of certain days. You cannot be late for this interview. Figure out the best time to travel so that you will arrive at least an hour before your interview. You may need to get through security inspections. Plan to be inside the embassy, to have time to collect your thoughts, relax and focus on this important interview.

Be prepared. Be confident. Be respectful.

The embassy staff is there to do a very important duty on behalf of the United States, and they take that job very seriously. They will only allow people who meet certain criteria to receive the very few visas they can give. Be prepared to convince your interviewer that you meet whatever criteria by which he or she is judging you. Be prepared. Be confident. Be respectful, because you want to be treated with respect.

Don’t waste your time or the interviewers time if you are not prepared

If you walked up to the window and the interviewer is unprepared, not confident, looking shabby or unsure of themselves, you would think “this can’t be the U.S embassy.” In the same way, you do not want to be unprepared. You should approach the embassy interview with confidence. Don’t waste your time or the interviewers time if you are not prepared. If you are not ready, reschedule the interview. A visa delayed is better than a visa denied.

Get help preparing for your visa appointment if you need it

If you need help preparing for your visa appointment, you should speak with your immigration attorney. Most immigration attorneys are familiar with the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), which is the standard operating procedure for U.S. embassies. You can also go to the U.S. Embassy website for the country where you are located. You will learn a lot about how that embassy does its work from the local website.

The interviewer will take your passport if you qualify for a visa If you interview successfully and qualify for a visa, the embassy will take your passports. That is a good sign because they must “stamp in” the visa, which will allow you to travel to the U.S. You will be asked to come back to pick up your passport when they are ready.

Do not change your status (i.e. get married, etc.) once interviewed

When you pick up your passport, you will receive a sealed packet. This packet MUST REMAINED SEALED. Understand that having a visa does not make you an immigrant. You must be admitted into the United States and processed before you get your Green Card. The embassy only issued you a visa. Please do not change your status from what you were when you got interviewed. People have tragically lost their ability to immigrate because they got married between getting a visa, and arriving inside the U.S.

For instance, if your parents filed for you as an unmarried child, and you show up at the airport wearing a wedding band, you are no longer an unmarried child. Your immigrant visa category is no longer what is contained in the packet the embassy gave you. You belong to a different immigrant visa category – that is the category of married children who are waiting in line for an available visa. You will not be admitted into the United States. Customs and Border Patrol may return you back to your home country.

If you have questions, call your immigration attorney. We may be able to help you. (860) 218-2122.