“Attorney. Green was the right attorney for me. She was not afraid to tell me the truth while she guided me through a painful case. I’m glad someone recommended her to me and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a qualified and experienced lawyer.”

“Using Attorney Green for a mediated divorce was a gift. She is compassionate, while maintaining clear boundaries and neutrality. She values teaching/coaching her clients how to negotiate in a respectful and productive manner. I most valued her ability to point out that neither of us was ‘wrong’ but that different personality styles and perspectives can create communication frustrations in a marriage that may not be repairable. This is so far from a traditional adversarial legal viewpoint! Meanwhile she made sure we each had excellent review attorney advice and provided some guidance in choosing review attorneys (at our request).

As stressful a time as this was, having Attorney Green’s involvement lead to a far better outcome. I also appreciated her initial strong encouragement to interview several mediators before deciding on one which speaks to her character and integrity in wanting to be sure that both parties involved were comfortable and in agreement. I believe we both felt listened to, heard and understood―even if we didn’t always like what we heard as is so common in a divorce. I highly recommend Attorney Green for mediation whether it be divorce or any other type of mediation.”

” My ex-wife and I were married for twenty-two years and we mutually decided that it was time for us to go our separate ways. We agreed from the beginning that we wanted to use mediation because we wanted the process to be open, fair and cost effective. My ex located Attorney Green in Glastonbury, and we were impressed with the time and effort that she made to explain and clarify the similarities and differences between using individual attorneys and using a mediator.

Without going into great detail about our divorce, I can say that my ex and I were guided through the complexities of dividing our assets and making sure that our children would not be harmed by the process. Attorney Green demonstrated that she was impartial and committed to a fair and equitable process. Equally as important was the relationships that she has with her colleagues and other attorneys that specialize in specific areas of the law and such that she regularly conferenced with to make sure that the information that she was providing was accurate. Overall, we had a successful experience.”

“Went to her for a mediation. She was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, understanding and efficient. The divorce cost me much less than had we both hired lawyers. I was very happy with the outcome and with how professional Attorney Green was.”

“Attorney Green made the divorce process as pleasant as possible and with very little fighting. She always lead us to an agreeable compromise. She was fair to both of us and made us see and understand each point of view during the process. If she was  not sure about something, she would find out about it. She even called in a specialized lawyer, that would do the best job processing properly the agreement we had made about a pension and 401K plan. She truly wanted the best for both of us and never favored one side over  the other.”

“Attorney Green was very easy and pleasant to work with. She helped make one of the most difficult decisions of my life a comfortable transition. Her knowledge of the court system and divorce proceedings made the process simple from beginning to end.”

“At a time when things are difficult and it seems your life is ‘out of your control,’ Attorney Green was there to keep you focused on the tasks to come to an amicable resolution, while being available―no matter when―and helping you over the tough spots. She was very attentive to her clients needs and schedules, which made the whole divorce mediation, although, dramatic at times, and you thought you wouldn’t get through it, she knew you could and keeping focused on the reason we chose mediation. I appreciated her confidentiality, honesty and candid nature, in an up and down emotional time. She helped you see things clearer and always let you know what you could expect based on situations as they arose. I would recommend her to anyone else going through the same situation.”

“We worked with Attorney Green for a divorce mediation. Attorney Green sat us down and explained the mediation process from top to bottom and even gave us a binder that re-emphasized the process and organized the paperwork we would need. The forethought that Attorney Green put into the initial meeting really set the stage for the rest of the mediation and helped focus us towards the goal. The rest of the meetings went well and were just as organized. First, we completed our financials. She uses a professional software program made just for divorces. It was setup to follow the information sheets in our binder, so it really saved time ($$) and aggravation. These cond meeting focused on the things we each needed to get out of the divorce. For the most part, since we chose mediation, we already had talked about some of our needs, but Attorney Green brought up issues we had not thought about. Some of the tough issues were actually easy to get settled. Some of the issues I thought would be easy were not. Luckily her experience guided us through and we ultimately made our own decisions that worked best for us. I was happy with our choice in Attorney Green. and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, but I hope to never need her again.”

“Thank you Attorney. Green for all you patience. I know our case was not easy and I know we probably frustrated you at times with all our problems and schedules. You understood how we felt and you created options for us that we could select as ‘optimal’ for us and our children. I am most grateful for your skill and for the fact that we chose mediation. We saved money, time, and emotions with your services. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.”

“This was my second divorce. The first one was through the courts, very painful and expensive. I didn’t want to go through that again and had heard about mediation. After interviewing several attorneys, we chose Attorney Green. She listened to us and our choices, told us what would work and what wouldn’t. It was a much better solution, cost less, and was a lot less stressful because it seemed like we had some control over the divorce. Highly recommended!”