Glossary of Divorce Terms

This glossary of divorce terminology was put together to help you educate yourself and better understand the divorce process. Knowing some of the basic terminology involved in divorce helps orient you as you go through the process of divorce.... Read More

Collaborative Divorce FAQ

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a respectful and dignified process which supports your family’s goals for a smooth transition to the next stage of your lives. Divorce is both an ending and a new beginning.  The... Read More

Personal Injury FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to hire an injury lawyer?
We take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning no retainer is required up front and no out-of-pocket costs to you as the case progresses. We are only paid in the event we recover a... Read More

Defective Medical Devices & Medications FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about defective medications and defective medical devices that result in injury to numerous victims (also known as mass tort litigation)

What does Mass Tort mean?
Mass Tort is a single wrongful “tort” (or... Read More