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Pedestrian or Bicycle Injuries in Connecticut

Pedestrian or Bicycle Injuries in Connecticut

The most devastating types of injuries occur when a pedestrian is hit by an inattentive or speeding driver. It is the same unreasonable failure to recognize that cyclists have a right to share the roadway, which leads unfortunately to cyclist getting injured or killed by a negligent drivers. If you or your family member has been hit by an automobile while walking or cycling, you may be entitled to compensation.

In our firm, have a comprehensive approach to handling every type of accident including pedestrian injuries or injuries sustained by a person on a bicycle that was hit by a negligent driver. Our approach have proven successful time and time again for our clients. We possess the knowledge, innovation and resources required to effectively handle all pedestrian and bicycle accident claims and lawsuits all the way through trial, if necessary.

We have a strong support team of professionals that include personal injury attorneys, investigators, litigation paralegals and legal assistants to investigate, develop and prosecute the pedestrian accident or bicycle crashes. We work hard to pursue our clients’ interests aggressively, fairly and responsibly.

Call us for a free case evaluation. We are a phone call away (860) 218-2122. For all our personal injury matters, including pedestrian injuries or bicycle injuries our firm does not get paid unless we win.