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Green Card Renewal

Green Card Renewal

 I-90 Applications

Once you get your Green Card, you may reside in the U.S. as a permanent resident for the remainder of your life. Your status does not change, unless you become a citizen by naturalization, or become deportable. However, your Green Card expires every ten years. You may renew the Green Card within 90 days of its expiration. If you forget to renew the Green Card, you may have some difficulties returning to the United States. So, if your Green Card has expired, you should get it renewed or replaced.

As with any immigration benefit, there are fees

And while you wait for the card to be replaced, you may get a 551 stamp in your passport, which confirms that you have a Green Card. If you get a receipt showing you have applied for a Green Card Renewal or Replacement, your receipt will also be proof of your lawful permanent legal status.

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