It’s not an easy thing to end a marriage. Divorce is a single word that encompasses many complex issues that need to be resolved including:

  • How your assets and debts are divided
  • Who will be given legal and physical custody of the children
  • How much child support should be paid
  • What the parenting plan will be
  • Whether or not spousal support (aka alimony) is warranted, and if so, how much and for how long
  • How real estate  and/ or retirement plans will be divided or transferred

In addition to the complex issues that need be sorted out, there is the stress and confusion of the divorce process. There are forms, courts, motions, and a variety of bewildering and ever-changing laws that govern the process. While some couples divorce “pro se,”  ― that is they do it on their own ― pro se divorce can lead to problems down the road if your life circumstances are other than simple. There are many times when specific circumstances require special language in the final divorce judgment, particularly when pensions or other retirement accounts are involved.

Sorting out the complex issues of divorce is hard enough when people communicate well. It can seem impossible when emotions are running high and communication is poor. Further complicating things, divorce unleashes a variety of  emotions such as fear, anger, hurt, loss, and resentment that may make it difficult to think clearly about what you need, what your children need, and what constitutes fair and reasonable financial settlements.

These days there are several process options for resolving your divorce case such as traditional litigation, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, and uncontested divorce. At Ollennu & Associates, our divorce lawyers and professional divorce mediators will discuss the divorce options with you and will create a divorce process right for your unique situation.

These reason are why a qualified divorce attorney can be invaluable. From explaining the divorce options, to filing divorce documents, to settlement negotiations, to collaborative resolution or trial, our experienced divorce attorneys will assist you throughout the divorce proceeding, no matter which process option you choose. You will have fewer things to worry about knowing you’re working with a divorce attorney who will aggressively and compassionately protect your and your children’s interests.

While some divorce attorneys thrive on conflict, our divorce attorneys strive to be a calm port in the storm – someone you know has your best interest at heart and strives to reduce the negative impact of divorce on your life and children’s lives. Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to helping you through the challenges of divorce with compassionate yet uncompromising representation. Call (860) 218-2122 to make a an appointment for a  free consultation at one of our Connecticut offices in Portland or Glastonbury.